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Making waves: Koh Phangan Colour Moon Festival – 2015

paint splatter

Those of us who live here on Koh Phangan feel that its international reputation as a party island is a tad misplaced. This tropical little gem is covered in outstanding natural beauty, so much so that it boasts a history of favour among Thai royalty. In addition to that, it is a haven for thriving fishing and coconut industries, as well as a popular hub for yoga and wellness. You could say, there’s a lot more to Koh Phangan than monthly lunar lunacy – and that’s exactly what the Colour Moon Festival is all about showing.

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Division Revision: The Five Faces of Koh Phangan


You may have heard that things are a-changing here on Koh Phangan, or at least developing. The islanders have banded together and agreed to divide the island into zones. What a great initiative! This week’s blog is all about Phangan’s ‘partition for protection’ project and what it means for us residents on the island.

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