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Thai Food 101


Thai 101 Title2

One of the many and perhaps the best thing about living in Thailand is the food. Thai people are genuinely proud of their national cuisine, as well they should be.

Distinct in Asia and perhaps even the world, every dish perfectly nails the balance of sweet, sour, spicy and bitter, truly making for a taste sensation.

We help you wrap your head (or tongue) around this explosion of flavours by giving you inside info and tips on what and how to eat while you’re here.

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Need to know: Thai culture top 10



Culture, that unfathomable melting pot of history, religion, politics and modern social behaviours; it’s a tricky beast to tame, especially when it’s not your own. And Thai culture is no exception. Here in the land of smiles, where a word can mean five different things depending on the tone with which it is uttered, there’s a lot for outsiders to get their heads around. Thanks to hospitality being an integral part of Thai culture, it’s easy enough for visitors to muddle through. But, whether you’re visiting or planning to stay a little more long term, a little knowledge and understanding goes a long way. 

On the blog this week, we’ve rounded up ten of the trickiest or most important cultural features we’ve come across in our time in Thailand and do our best to explain them from a non-Thai point of view. Hopefully our top ten will give you a little insight into the rich and fascinating tapestry that is modern Thai society and make your life a little easier when you’re here.

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Island Fitness

beach run

Whether you live on a beach or you’re dreaming about your upcoming tropical island holiday, there’s every chance you’re sick of hearing the phrase “beach body”. Are we beach-body-ready? Please! We’re too busy perfecting all the details in our beautiful new Bay Apartments, to make sure we’re ready for the upcoming launch. That’s not to say we don’t like to release a few endorphins once in awhile, though, and luckily Koh Phangan is packed with plenty of fun and diverse ways to keep active and energised. Last week the spotlight was on Water Sports, so this week we’re all about the myriad ways you can keep fit on solid ground here in paradise.

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Water Sports in Koh Phangan

BR blog 4

Koh Phangan is surrounded by crystal clear turquoise water and has some incredible weather all year-round… particularly this time of the year when the wind picks up! So what better way to spend your days than getting the adrenaline pumping with a wide range of watersports? Dive, swim and surf into island fun – here are some of our favourite places to get your watersport on here in paradise.

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