A Day in the Life of the Bay Residence Team!

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Welcome to Phangan Island Property, the HQ of the team behind Bay Residence.

Perhaps you’re wondering what do we do all day. This week’s blog is an insight into the inner workings of  the Bay Residence machine as we take you on a  whistlestop tour of one day in our life. We’re especially busy overseeing the launch of our brand new Bay Apartments so things are particularly exciting right now.

Come on in and take a little look inside our world.

BR 1


We convene at the office; Bethan, our villa and rentals manager is known for experimenting with caffeine-based infusions and starts the day accordingly.  After a quick catch up on local news and schedule for the day, the first order of business is an office meeting to determine our materials choices for the new Bay Apartments.

We’re discussing how we can best balance making the look consistent with Bay Villas and at the same time bring something a little different to the new residences. Oli, one of the managing partners is passionate about progressive designs so he’s got some ideas.


We’re moving on to discuss and agree colour schemes for the indoor paint scheme, as well as the outdoor sala cushions, parasols and beach towels. The other managing partner, Ash is suggesting we go for a taupe theme (surprise!), the rest of the team aren’t so sure. We eventually agree on something different, give the green light for implementation and Bay Villa 4B is scheduled to complete on time.

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Meanwhile, office assistant Nee is busy with paperwork. Super organised, she oversees daily operations –  from paying bills and responding to daily enquiries, to ordering all the materials for the villas and overseeing delivery to Koh Phangan. She’s not only a superhero in handling these essentials, but also in looking after all of us like a mother-figure.


We head over to the site with Richard, our unflappable project manager; he’s never once registered any kind of stress, even whilst maintaining the numerous ambitious target deadlines across the portfolio. After a round up with various subcontractors and staff on the team out across the site, it’s time to review and discuss parking options for Bay Villa 4C. Although most people drive scooters to get around the island, it’s essential to provide a covered car port for every villa for those with cars.

BR 3

12.00 pm:

Uh, the gardening and cleaning manager is busy watering the gardens and making the beds in villa 4D ready for a handover. An experienced gardener and responsible for the upkeep of the villas, she’s the reason they always look so immaculate, inside and out.


It’s lunch time and we’re enjoying some Som Tam from Indy Kitchen today.


We are doing a quality control check to oversee the structural progress of a brand new Bay Villa. We need to check the quality of the formwork to be ready for the next concrete pour. We’re also looking into some issues with the side stone cladding and  investigating alternative application methods.

BR 4


Back at HQ, Oaty, the office manager gets on with a bit of graphic design; she’s pretty nifty on Photoshop, not to mention something of a soap-maker when she’s off duty, though she keeps that a secret. Oops. Sorry Oaty!


We’re wrapping things up for the day and heading out. Beth is heading to a yoga class while Rich, the best footballer on the island, is playing for FC Farang soccer team tonight.

BR 5

We’ll all be back to it again tomorrow! 

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