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Need to know: Thai culture top 10



Culture, that unfathomable melting pot of history, religion, politics and modern social behaviours; it’s a tricky beast to tame, especially when it’s not your own. And Thai culture is no exception. Here in the land of smiles, where a word can mean five different things depending on the tone with which it is uttered, there’s a lot for outsiders to get their heads around. Thanks to hospitality being an integral part of Thai culture, it’s easy enough for visitors to muddle through. But, whether you’re visiting or planning to stay a little more long term, a little knowledge and understanding goes a long way. 

On the blog this week, we’ve rounded up ten of the trickiest or most important cultural features we’ve come across in our time in Thailand and do our best to explain them from a non-Thai point of view. Hopefully our top ten will give you a little insight into the rich and fascinating tapestry that is modern Thai society and make your life a little easier when you’re here.

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Division Revision: The Five Faces of Koh Phangan


You may have heard that things are a-changing here on Koh Phangan, or at least developing. The islanders have banded together and agreed to divide the island into zones. What a great initiative! This week’s blog is all about Phangan’s ‘partition for protection’ project and what it means for us residents on the island.

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Loy Krathong, Island-Style


loy krathong 3

Thailand is a country packed with fascinating rituals and traditions, from nationwide water festivals to quiet temple rites. In November, Thais celebrate Loy Krathong, a colourful festival of lights, flowers and water. Being surrounded by the sea, Koh Phangan has its own special ways of celebrating and this week’s blog is all about how to get involved.

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