Family Fun on Koh Phangan


On January 9th, Thailand celebrates National Kids’ Day, and contrary to some beliefs, our beautiful island is the perfect place for enjoyable days of family-fun activities. Different parts of the island boast specific activities, so whether you want to relax and bond or experience water sports, there’s truly something for everyone to do.

Phangan Jorkeyball

Jorkeyball is a fun-packed game resembling football, where teams of two play against each other in an enclosed area on artificial turf. Blue Dream Hostel in Baan Tai is open everyday for practice between 9am – 9pm, and also regularly holds tournaments. It is also a great place to meet other families… in fact, let the kids have at it while you grown-ups laze around the poolside ;). Kids or adults, everyone is welcome!

17695_1588436611426485_8435126784974419847_n [Image Source: Phangan Jorkeyball’s Facebook]

Pristine beaches

There are so many beautiful, wide and clean beaches to choose from around the island that are child-friendly. Waters are turquoise-clear and generally shallow. Whether building sandcastles or taking a dip in the clear water, the year-round warmth and gorgeous surroundings makes any day spent on the beach a memorable island experience. Take a look at some of our favourites!

An adult and child team can have great fun taking a kayak out to paddle around Thong Nai Pan Bay. While the waters generally produce some great waves, it is advisable however not to leave the bay.


Volleyball and Frisbee

You’ll find that many of the beaches have volleyball nets set up for people to use. Alternatively, grab yourself a frisbee or football from one of the many shops selling it and get active on the sandy white beaches!

AngThong Marine Park

This stunning archipelago of 42 islands make a stunning setting for a family excursion. Sign up for a day tour and jump on a speedboat from the pier. Sail between the islands, explore the emerald lake and check out some of noteworthy viewpoints.


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Explore Nature

Hop atop an elephant for a trek through the hills, or wander around some of the beautiful waterfalls that are spectacularly abundant during certain times of the year.

than sadet

Your Bay Villa

We provide the perfect accommodation and space for your family, so if you’d rather keep the sand at bay, lounge out on your spacious villa deck and infinity pool with the family. Gather some games to play and make yourself a drink while you’re at it, the kids are right there in front of you!


If you need any more suggestions or questions to be answered, please feel free to ask the Bay Residence staff – we’re here to help make your family’s island stay as pleasant as possible. We can even help you arrange transport should you require. Happy National Children’s Day!



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