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Whether you live on a beach or you’re dreaming about your upcoming tropical island holiday, there’s every chance you’re sick of hearing the phrase “beach body”. Are we beach-body-ready? Please! We’re too busy perfecting all the details in our beautiful new Bay Apartments, to make sure we’re ready for the upcoming launch. That’s not to say we don’t like to release a few endorphins once in awhile, though, and luckily Koh Phangan is packed with plenty of fun and diverse ways to keep active and energised. Last week the spotlight was on Water Sports, so this week we’re all about the myriad ways you can keep fit on solid ground here in paradise.

Stretch, tone and salute the sun


As you’ll know if you read our interview with Gabi from Sanctuary spa, Koh Phangan is increasingly favoured as a destination for wellness junkies. It’s no wonder so many of them are turning to yoga, given it benefits your focus, posture, breathing and core strength. Having specialised in yoga, as well as chakra healing, detox, pranayama and meditation since 2000, Yoga Retreat pretty much has you covered. What’s more, since it’s nestled in the jungle near Haad Salad beach, so this great little studio is easily accessible if you’re staying with us at Bay Residences. Meanwhile, a little further south, in pretty Srithanu Bay, Orion Healing Centre has a range of classes and retreats which are also offered in packages. Try a Reiki treatment, or maybe a Thai massage, or alternatively go all out on one of their detox programmes. This one-stop wellness shop also offers belly dancing classes, if you’d rather work your core muscles in a more rhythmic way, which brings us to…


Step up


One of the most fun and social ways to keep active and in shape is to dance, dance, dance. From salsa to hip hop, cardio moves to high tempo tunes keep your blood flowing and the sweat pouring. At Siam Healing Centre in Thong Sala, they offer a great range of styles, including – our favourite – Latin Rhythms, for a little island flavour.


Hit the gym

gym 2

It’s not all downward dog though; die-hard, by-the-book fitness enthusiasts needn’t forego their workouts on Koh Phangan. The Body health and fitness centre – also in Thong Sala – is fully air-conditioned and features a large studio equipped with cardio machines and weights. They offer personal training, and you can get your protein supplement fix at the bar. For those who like things a little more down and dirty, Charoenrit Gym is so gritty it doesn’t even bother with a website and is a favourite among the bodybuilding and boxing locals.  


Get in the ring


When in Rome, do as the Romans do and when in Thailand, learn Muay Thai. Traditional Thai boxing is a great way to get fit; it’s physically demanding and heaps of fun. Diamond Muay Thai offers great classes and courses for all levels from experienced trainers. Join them for a session at the gym in Nai Wok, or arrange to have an instructor come to you at Bay Residence to work with you in the comfort of your own villa or apartment.

So, whether you’re working towards that elusive “beach body” or just want to stay active and have fun, there’s something for everyone on Koh Phangan. And when you’ve got in the killer workout of your choice, why not hit one of our favourite restaurants on the island to stuff your face and refuel – you deserve it! Meanwhile, join us on Facebook and let us know how you like to exercise on the island.


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