Making waves: Koh Phangan Colour Moon Festival – 2015

paint splatter

Those of us who live here on Koh Phangan feel that its international reputation as a party island is a tad misplaced. This tropical little gem is covered in outstanding natural beauty, so much so that it boasts a history of favour among Thai royalty. In addition to that, it is a haven for thriving fishing and coconut industries, as well as a popular hub for yoga and wellness. You could say, there’s a lot more to Koh Phangan than monthly lunar lunacy – and that’s exactly what the Colour Moon Festival is all about showing.

The local authorities happen to agree – at the inaugural Colour Moon Festival last year, they threw a great big bash to highlight all the great stuff this island paradise has to offer. With sports, food, traditional craft markets and spectacular shows, the festival was so successful it returned again this year in a big way, all under the theme, “Island of power, energised by the moon.” 

Visitors arrived from all over Thailand for the five-day festival, where there were celebrations of modern-day island life and artistic creativity that included competitions in photography, bartending and body paint, exhibitions by local artists, a beach party with a fashion show and sporting events including yoga, Muay Thai, and ‘Phangan Bike for Better Life – Big Bike Rider to the Moon’.

There was also plenty of appreciation for the more traditional way of life on Koh Phangan, complete with a floating seafood market, and local arts & crafts which showcased products handmade from the island’s coconut trees and shells.

For a long time now, the island has a big emphasis on the art of body painting. To reflect this, the Colour Moon Festival also held a body painting competition, which drew in a lot of inspiring talent and resulted in some beautiful people adorned in stunning visuals.

And take a look at what caught our eye. This INSANE body painting was done by Tay, a very talented local tattoo artist. His work is definitely worth exploring further – check him out!


Tay CM

This was only a small part of all the colour, lights and festivities that made up this brilliant festival. A big thanks to online magazine Phanganist, who managed to capture some of the brilliant vibes through their photos – check them out below!

CM 7

CM 3

CM 5

CM 4

CM 6

CM 2

CM 1

If you didn’t get a chance to join in the fun, don’t worry – there’s always excitement to be found on Koh Phangan! We’ll see you at Bay Residence soon!


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